About the Programme

The study period for the qualification is 18 months.  The amount of credits you will obtain is 147.  The language medium is English.

The training programme consists of:

  • Theoretical Training Sessions (40% of the training programme)
  • Practical Workplace Training (60% of the training programme)

The Schedule of Learning (SoL) will indicate the dates and duration of the theoretical training as well as the practical training; due dates of practical assignments and examination dates.

After every theoretical training cycle learners will spend a specified period at an assigned organization to complete COMPULSORY practical training according to the Schedule of Learning.  Learners are required to be at the workplace for a full day for the duration of the practical training.

For each book learners have to complete practical assignments which will serve as formative assessment.  You will receive detailed information on each assignment as you progress with the course. At the end of the practical training for a specific book/s you will write an examination before you can commence to the next theoretical cycle.

Click here to see an example Schedule of Learning

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